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UK Translation Agencies

Language Link UK is a full-service translation agency specialising in high quality UK translation services for corporate, public sector and private individuals. We provide meticulous attention to detail, a commitment to customer services and a level of professionalism that other UK translation agencies struggle to match.

Core values

Adherence to our core values explains why an increasing number of companies are choosing us to deliver their professional translation needs.

Our values are:

  • Integrity is at the heart of everything we do
  • Dedicated to delivering quality
  • Professional – with an extra dash of fun
  • Partnership – we work as a team
  • Tailor-made – always a personal service

As a UK translation agency that has been awarded European Quality Standard BSEN15038:2006, you can be confident that all our policies and procedures are regularly reviewed and tested to ensure compliance with this rigorous quality standard.

We are a dedicated translation agency providing fast, accurate translation services.

Industries served

We provide translation and business language services for a wide range of sectors, including the following:



We have considerable experience of providing top translation services to our aviation and defence industry clients and are able to meet the precise requirements of this complex and particularly specialised area.



Engineering & Technical

Our engineering and technical translation service provides high quality, accurate and reliable translated material relating to any sector of this industry. We work hard to ensure your document translations are precise and delivered within budget and on time.



We have extensive experience of providing meticulously accurate financial translations that are often complex and require a fast turnaround in order to meet the requirements of today’s global financial markets.



We understand how important it is that insurance-related documentation is translated precisely and accurately. We work closely with our clients to ensure that all of the translations we provide are of a high quality and are acceptable for the insurance industry.



Our linguists are all qualified IT professionals. They are dedicated to providing fast, accurate and high quality workplace translations in this varied, highly technical and rapidly changing industry.



Our linguists are also legal sector professionals to ensure that we provide reliable and precise translations. Where appropriate we use linguists who have international law degrees, LLB qualifications or who are qualified solicitors or barristers for our legal translations.


Medical & Pharmaceutical

Medical and pharmaceutical translations are undertaken not just by medically and scientifically qualified linguists, but by professionals who are also qualified in the areas that they are translating.



Our patent translation service uses highly qualified linguists who are also professionals in their field to meticulously translate patent applications, prior art, foreign references and related Intellectual Property documents.


Private Individuals

We provide a comprehensive translation service to private individuals using high quality linguists who are also qualified industry professionals. They are able to provide an accurate and professional service regardless of how small or large the task is.



Our team of highly experienced specialist linguists have a thorough understanding of the telecoms industry and are able to provide precise translations that include up-to-date terminology in this fast-changing sector.


Website, Print & Media

Our team of highly skilled linguists are specialists in their field and are experienced in translating content for websites, print and digital media.

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Understanding Regional Variations

Understanding your target country and specifying the required language is crucial because there can be significant variations in language usage, customs, and practices across different regions. For instance, the Portuguese spoken in Brazil differs considerably from the language spoken in Portugal, not only in terms of vocabulary and pronunciation but also in cultural nuances and idiomatic expressions.

Similarly, other languages like English, Spanish, French, and Mandarin have distinct regional variations influenced by factors such as geography, history, and societal norms. By identifying your target country, you ensure that the language services provided are tailored to meet the specific linguistic and cultural needs of your audience.

Additionally, acknowledging the differences between language variants enables you to effectively communicate with your target demographic, avoiding misunderstandings and cultural faux pas. Whether it’s for business communication, marketing campaigns, or legal documents, specifying the target country ensures that the language services delivered accurately reflect the linguistic and cultural context of your intended audience.

In summary, specifying your target country along with the required language facilitates precise communication and ensures that language services are customised to meet the unique needs of your target audience, considering regional variations in language usage, customs, and practices.

certified translationCertified Translation Services

If you are looking for a certified translation, we can help. We are recognised as one of the top UK translation agencies providing certified translation services.

This means that, due to the very high standard of language translation provided by Language Link UK, many embassies only require language translations to be certified by us.

This official recognition of our professional services often eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming document legalisation or notarisation needed with other translation companies.

Contact us to find out more about our translation and interpreting services at our offices in Orpington on 01689 283 777, Piccadilly on 0207 484 0999 or City on 0207 830 9330.