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Language Link UK provides a comprehensive language service. Your translation will be carried out for you by people who are not only talented linguists, they are also experts in their respective fields. They provide specialised, high quality, expert and confidential translation service to the aviation and defence industry that is precise, accurate and reliable.

A top quality aviation translation service

The aviation and defence industry is subject to an immense variety of rules, regulations and terminology that are complex and particularly specialised.

We understand how important it is that all of our translated material is of the highest standard possible.  Inappropriate, imprecise or poor translations can easily lead to a variety of legal and technical problems. So we work hard to employ only the most highly skilled industry specialists to undertake your translations. We only use highly qualified and capable translators who have up-to-date knowledge of their industry, as well as a thorough knowledge of local terminology and its equivalents.

This means that you will receive high quality expert interpretation, provided by linguists with an attention to detail that is second to none.

We are a dedicated translation agency providing fast, accurate translation services.

Our translation service

Our translation agency has extensive experience of translating a wide variety of aviation and defence industry material, including:

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  • Contracts
  • Licenses
  • Operating Manuals
  • Technical Specifications
  • Telecommunications Manuals
  • Tenders
  • Training Materials
  • Websites

We treat your material confidentially and we never outsource our work. This means that you can be confident that trustworthy, professional linguists will be involved with every aspect of your translation, from start to finish.

A precise and reliable service

Our translation agency specialises in producing the very best quality translations using only highly skilled, experienced and qualified industry professionals. Importantly, all of our linguists translate exclusively into their mother tongue language, producing translations that are both precise and reliable. We use mother tongue speakers as this is the language they grew up speaking, and means our translators understand the nuances of the language and the customs and practices of your target market.

So, you can be confident that regardless of your requirements we will provide a meticulous translation service of the highest standard.

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Your security is very important to us. We protect your security in two ways:

Confidentiality agreements – We are regularly asked to provide translation work for organisations like the Police and other agencies, where security and confidentiality is vital. All of our translators are bound by confidentiality agreements and we will consider entering into specific agreements, on request.

Computer security – We always use the latest versions of  software, which we update regularly to install ‘fixes’ and remove software ‘vulnerabilities’. An additional layer of security is provided through the use of high-level encryption (128bit SSL).

Our translation agency has almost 25 years’ experience, successfully providing language services to corporate clients throughout the UK. We are confident that we will provide language services that not only meet your expectations, they will surpass them.

Contact us at our offices in Orpington on 01689 283 777, Piccadilly on 0207 484 0999 or City on 0207 830 9330.