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Simultaneous Interpreting Services

Language Link UK has a growing and enviable reputation for routinely providing high quality interpreting services that many other companies simply struggle to match.

This is because we only use trained, capable and professional linguists. Our linguists speak in the region of 200 languages. They are able to provide a comprehensive simultaneous interpreting service in any location across the UK.

Our interpreters are not just accomplished linguists, they are professionals in their respective fields.

Having current industry experience means that your interpreters will provide a service that is not only of the highest quality, it ensures that the interpreting service that you receive from us will be more effective and accurate.

We only use mother tongue interpreters. These are linguists who translate using the language they spoke whilst growing up. This means that your interpretation will reflect the nuances, culture, customs, local practices and industry-specific vocabulary required for the best quality interpretations.

You can be confident that regardless of language, size of group, and the individuals involved, we will be able to meet all of your needs and requirements.

Choose Language Link UK for all of your interpreting needs.

What is Simultaneous Interpreting?

language translation agency language link uk ltd 10Simultaneous interpreting is suitable for meetings and conferences.  Unlike consecutive interpretation, there are no pauses or gaps to allow the interpreter to speak. This is a form of interpretation that occurs at the same time as the speaker is talking.

Although this may make the job of the interpreter harder on occasions, it is a form of interpretation favoured by many. This is because it has one very important advantage over other interpreting styles: it is less intrusive. The speaker does not need to wait for the interpreter to catch up and the flow of the meeting or conference is not interrupted. Consequently, meetings tend to be shorter, compared to those where continuous interpretation is used.

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Our service

In order to ensure that you receive the best possible interpreting service, Language Link UK only use linguists who translate in their mother tongue. This is vital as this is the language they grew up speaking and in which they are most fluent. Their interpretation will have the same tone, nuances and context as the speaker’s and, as our interpreters understand local customs and practices, they can adapt their interpreting appropriately.

We recommend providing our interpreters with as much appropriate background material in advance of the event as possible, such as case or medical notes, agendas, technical drawings etc.

Contact us at our offices in Orpington on 01689 283 777, Piccadilly on 0207 484 0999 or City on 0207 830 9330.