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How to access translation and interpreting services

If you need help to communicate with people in a different language, you are likely to need to work with either a translator or an interpreter. But how do you know if you need to access translation or interpreting services? Really they are two sides of the same coin, and in this article we’re going
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The rise of the machines. Can AI translate better than humans?

There’s been a lot of buzz around AI writing technology lately, with platforms like ChatGPT being touted as shortcuts for writing anything from emails to degree dissertations. But what about translation? There are any number of translation apps and tools around, and most of us have tried out Google Translate on holiday at least once
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Why localisation in translation is vital for your communications

When you’re translating your communications, particularly marketing communications, it’s essential to consider not just accurate translation, but localisation. Without localisation in translation, you could be missing out on opportunities to connect with your target audience, or confusing people about your message. Even worse, you could find yourself at risk of committing a ‘translation fail’, where
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Why are insurance companies impacting translators?

Over our 35 years in the translation business, we’ve built up great relationships with many legal clients (it’s where we began), and financial services clients, including insurance companies. One thing we’ve noticed lately (post-Brexit) is how much changes in the way legal cases work between the UK and EU countries are affecting the need for
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Navigating the Complexities of Legal Document Translation

Accuracy, Security, and Post-Brexit Challenges Language Link UK is 31 years old this year. We’re known for our industry-specific expertise across several industries including aviation, medical, and insurance. But not everyone knows that it all started with legal document translation. Our founder was originally a lawyer, who set up the company based on personal experience
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The art of building customer relationships: adapting to 35 years of change

How do you strengthen your approach to building customer relationships in this era of rapid technological change? How has the digital age affected how you work with people? We’ve been mulling this over recently, and taking a trip down memory lane. In 1989, when I started work as an office junior in a translation agency,
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