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Insurance Translation Services

Insurance documentation is often complex and very specialised. This form of translation cannot be provided by linguists who are inexperienced or lack the specialist knowledge required.

It is vital that this type of documentation is translated quickly, is always error free and is translated in a way that it means exactly the same in the translation as it did in the original.

Our skilled and experienced professional linguists are trusted to provide expert, reliable translation of any insurance-related documentation by clients large and small.

We are called upon to translate two very important, but different, types of insurance industry documentation. The first type is industry-specific documentation and includes insurance product marketing materials, information materials, product updates and briefings.

Our expert linguists are also in demand to translate documents relating to insurance claims such as contracts, terms and conditions and documents relating to claims and underwriting. Each type of translation is different and requires our linguists to have slightly different skill sets.

We are a dedicated translation agency providing fast, accurate translation services.

Insurance industry related documentation

Our linguists are insurance industry experts meaning that they understand how the insurance industry works and have a complete understanding of the customs and practices of the insurance sector, in different countries.

We work hard to ensure that the translations we provide are high quality and are able to meet the tough requirements of the insurance industry.  All our linguists have up-to-date insurance industry experience in order for them to undertake the complex, technical and specialised translations our customers require.

language-translation-agency-language-link-uk-ltd-1We have worked for a wide range of businesses requiring our top-quality insurance translation services. These include:

  • Personal injury
  • Casualty/Liability Insurers
  • Products Liability Insurers
  • Travel and Holiday Insurers
  • Loss Adjusters and UK Handling Agents

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Documentation used in insurance claims

You can be confident that Language Link UK can meet all of your translation requirements regardless of the sort of insurance document, including:

  • Accident and health & safety reports
  • Accident reconstruction reports
  • Contractual documents
  • Coroner’s reports
  • Engineering and other expert reports
  • International legal proceedings
  • Medical records
  • Medical reports
  • Police reports

Our linguists are skilled in translating documentation from, and into, local languages for insurance claims ranging from road accidents, clinical negligence, employers’ liability and public liability claims through to product liability claims. We will translate your documentation precisely and accurately – and because our linguists are also industry experts – the translation will mean exactly the same in the translated language as it does in the original.

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