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Although language interpreting may appear straightforward, in reality it is a highly complex and responsible role. Effective language interpreting requires not only a robust understanding of the topic under discussion, but integrity, stamina and empathy.

If you are looking for a provider of quality language interpreting you may find that it can be difficult at times to find linguists with the right mix of skills and abilities to interpret accurately and effectively. We have found that relying on poorly trained linguists, or translators who are unfamiliar with the topic, has numerous risks and should be avoided. Many topics are just so complex that they can only be interpreted effectively by talented linguists who are also experts in that field.

So over many years we have  built up a team of talented linguists, who not only possess the correct skill set, but have familiarity and understanding with the subject that they are interpreting. We now have over 4,000 linguists on our database who collectively speak around 200 different languages and dialects.

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Our language interpreting service

language translation agency language link uk ltd 4Our team of highly experienced linguists make Language Link UK the language service of choice for increasing numbers of customers.

We have been providing top-quality language services since 1993. Our continued success over almost 25 years is partly due to our use of mother tongue interpreters. People who are interpreting in their mother tongue are interpreting using the language they grew up speaking, so their interpretation will have the same tone, nuances and context as the speaker. This also means they are familiar with local practices and customs, so can amend and adapt translations appropriately.

Our service is friendly, but effective. This has also contributed to our growing success. It is surprising how many of our new customers now come to us through personal recommendation and word of mouth.

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It is important that you tell us your target country as well as the language required when you book an interpreter. That is because the same language can be spoken very differently in two different countries. There can be significant differences in the way that languages are spoken in different countries even though they speak the same language. So, for example, you find the Portuguese spoken in Brazil differs in many ways from the language spoken in Portugal.

Our company is proud to have been awarded European Quality Standard BSEN 15038:2006, a quality standard for Language Services. This means that you can be confident that our policies and procedures have been assessed and accredited independently.

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