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We are a full-service interpretation and translation agency that provides accurate, precise and high-quality translation for a wide range of companies in the telecoms industry across the UK.

We specialise in providing our customers with a level of support that other translation agencies find hard to match.

Companies from across the telecoms sector rely on our experienced and talented linguists to provide translations that are not only precise, but include up-to-date terminology produced by professionals with a thorough understanding of their field.

We are a dedicated translation agency providing fast, accurate translation services.

Skilled linguists with telecoms industry experience

language-translation-agency-language-link-uk-ltd-1The telecoms industry changes so rapidly that it can be hard to find a translation company with professional linguists capable of providing reliable and up to date translations of telecoms-related material.

Language Link UK is a translation agency that specialises in providing telecoms industry related translations that use up-to-date terminology, produced by linguists who actually understand the technology.

You can be confident that our highly skilled linguists have telecoms industry experience and the high-level linguistic skills to produce clear, robust and accurate translations in any language.

In order to provide our customers with the highest quality translation possible, we only use mother tongue translators. That is because this is the language they grew up speaking and helps ensure that your translations have the same tone, nuances and context as your original document. Our translators are also familiar with customs and practices in their home country and are able to amend and adapt translations appropriately to reflect what actually happens there.

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Our service

We are confident that our professional linguists possess the skills necessary to provide you with a quality translation that not only meets your expectations, it will exceed them.

We specialise in providing a thorough and meticulous translation service that means you receive an exceptional service and we have another satisfied customer to add to our ever-growing list.

The telecoms industry is changing rapidly. So we only use professional translators who have current knowledge of the industry. This helps to ensure that our customers receive precise, reliable and up-to-date translations they can rely on.

We also understand that time is a precious commodity in the telecoms industry and delays are particularly unwelcome. Rapid, accurate and effective translations are vital.

We believe that our professional linguists are amongst the best telecoms experts in their field and that we are able to provide high-quality translations that meet your challenging deadlines.

Contact us at our offices in Orpington on 01689 283 777, Piccadilly on 0207 484 0999 or City on 0207 830 9330.