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Medical Translation Services

The medical and pharmaceutical industry is constantly changing. New products, treatments and regulations are appearing all the time.

However, finding qualified individuals to undertake translation work in these industries can be challenging. This is due to the vast amount of expert knowledge required to translate this type of very specialised material.

Translation work can range from drugs and medicines reports through to medical appointments, medical reports and medical records.

Language Link UK understands how difficult it can be for companies to find specialist translators to undertake work in this field. Furthermore, we are acutely aware of the dangers of relying on medical and pharmaceutical translations that have been undertaken by untrained or unqualified staff.

So we have built up our own database of linguists who are also medical and pharmaceutical experts. We insist that all the translators on our database are medically and scientifically qualified linguists, and have up-to-date expert knowledge.

We are a dedicated translation agency providing fast, accurate translation services.

Our medical and pharmaceutical translation service

We are proud of the fact that we are able to deal with the full range of medical and pharmaceutical translations in these industries, from medical appointments, medical reports and medical records right through to pharmaceutical marketing material.

What makes us unique is our blend of core values dedicating us to customer satisfaction and our capable qualified and experienced expert linguists.

This means that you will receive translated material which is written at a highly professional level and which is accurate, precise and uses up-to-date, relevant, terminology.

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Our service

language-translation-agency-language-link-uk-ltd-3Once you have engaged our services you will be allocated your own personal account manager who will be responsible for finding out about your needs and requirements and providing any support you might need.

The people who work for us are our greatest asset. They are all committed to a set of core values that put customer satisfaction at the centre of everything we do. And because confidentiality is so important to us, everyone who works for us is vetted, approved and bound by confidentiality agreements.

We have a great team of professional linguists, managers and support staff and we are proud of the length of time our staff remain with us. When you add this together it means our customers will enjoy the very best quality service possible.

So whatever your medical and pharmaceutical translation needs are, we can provide the linguist that is right for you. This is regardless of whether the work is the translation of routine medical appointments, medical reports and medical records or the marketing of new drugs and pharmaceuticals.

Contact us at our offices in Orpington on 01689 283 777, Piccadilly on 0207 484 0999 or City on 0207 830 9330.