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7 ways to be positive about Brexit

Looking at media reports you’d be hard pushed to find a positive Brexit-related headline or rhetoric that isn’t all doom and gloom. One thing that business leaders all seem to agree on is that on-going uncertainty isn’t doing businesses many favours. So it’s time to concentrate our efforts on framing our departure from the EU
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How to stay on top of changes in language

It is a well-known fact that languages evolve. While some do it faster than others – Japanese has changed little over the centuries while English has evolved fairly rapidly, for example – the fact remains that they do and if we don’t keep track of those changes, we could be left behind. This month we
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Working with multiple languages

Are you finding that your business is at a stage where you need to use multiple languages to communicate with clients, partners, and staff in different countries? If you need to make that critical jump from English only to two or more languages, there are a few things to consider in order to get it
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How to work with interpreters

While it is second nature to some people who regularly work through interpreters, for most of us it is a new experience. You may be doing business with a new client in a foreign country for the first time, pitching for business, or organising an event for foreign visitors. Whatever the circumstances, using an interpreter
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The benefits of a transcription service

When you hear the words ‘transcription service’, your first thought is probably about cost. Your second is that you don’t need such a service, you have enough people in your team who can take notes, even as a small start-up; you could even do it yourself, couldn’t you? More than likely you could. Or you
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The importance of accurate translation in a global market

If you have bought anything new lately that has been manufactured overseas, the chances are that when you read the manual, or even the ‘welcome to your product’ flyer that was included in the package, you know that it wasn’t written by a native English speaker. Nine times out of ten you don’t mind, it
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