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Why not learning languages is a problem for the future

Yet again this year’s GCSE results brought to the forefront the fact that our younger generations are not all that interested in languages. This follows on from last year’s low rates of students taking a foreign language at GCSE level, setting a worrying trend for our future generations and workforce. The British have a reputation
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The importance of security and confidentiality in translation

As cliché as it may sound, the world is shrinking and transforming into a global village. Geographical and linguistic barriers are slowly being lifted giving way to enhanced and more fruitful collaborations. In this new world one thing which can benefit businesses tremendously are translation services which can help to bring countries and cultures together.
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How poor translation can cost your business.

In an increasingly connected world, the right communication is vital in both personal and professional fields. While growing globalisation is giving us more opportunities to form links and relationships across the world, one thing that is crucial is ensuring that communication is seamless, and with that usually, comes a necessity of translations into other languages.
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Why timeliness is the hallmark of a great legal translation

A great legal translation will be precise, accurate and it should be translated by a mother tongue speaker. It will also be translated by someone with an in-depth understanding and comprehension of the subject matter. However,  there is one element of great quality translation that often goes unnoticed. This is that translations have to be
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7 Steps to Mastering Multilingual Email Marketing

We should not be surprised that marketing emails sent in the language spoken by its intended recipients have a higher trust factor compared to ones in English. A higher level of trust means higher email ‘open rates’ and  ‘clicking through’ rates. Ultimately, this means more customers, clients and higher sales. Multilingual marketing success If you
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Britain’s potential trading partners

Since the UK’s referendum to leave the European Union in 2016 Britain is going to have to seek new business opportunities all over the world. A key part this will involve businesses possessing language skills necessary for communicating with potential and new trading partners. What languages might our new trading partners speak? We don’t know
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